Hey There, Fellow Designer!

Grab your favorite drink, your fuzziest blanket, and get all cozied up in your chair because it’s time to talk about you.

I’m guessing that lately, life’s been all work and no fun…

And you’re feeling overwhelmed with fast-approaching deadlines, stressing over all the projects you’ve got going on, wishing there was some way to clone yourself.

If there were two of you, you’d have someone you trusted, who could handle any design projects while you got to do everything else. You’d onboard clients, dig into brand strategy, spend some time on your own biz, and start scaling.

Or maybe you’d use your extra time to go on date night, chase your dog around the backyard, or have an uninterrupted day to hang with your kids.

You want to hire help, but you’re nervous.

You don’t want someone inexperienced that needs training and you’re worried that if you pass off any important design work, you’ll just end up redoing it yourself. Which would be even more work than just doing it yourself in the first place.

You need to find the right person, but where and who?

Not To Worry, Friend

Armed with my 10 years of design experience, my Chick-Fil-A sweet tea, and my carefully curated Spotify playlist to set the mood just right, I’m that perfect person. And, I’m here to make any and all of your design delegation dreams come true.

Amy smiling at camera
Oh hey!

I’m Amy—Founder of Calluna Collective, Sunshine Lover, and Fur Mama

I’ve got 2 kitties named Willa and Pharah, and a mini Aussie, Genji.

I live in Jacksonville, Florida, but I’m from Kentucky (go Cats!). I’ve tried (almost) all the cheesecakes from the Cheesecake Factory.

And, Taylor Swift is my girl.

I also make an out-of-this-world vegan chocolate chip cookie. True crime and YA romance books are my faves. And, when the weather is nice, you can find me sweet tea sippin’ with the windows rolled down in my car singing my heart out to Taylor (you know which one).

As for my business backstory…

It probably all started in 5th grade with popcorn balls…


I think that’s what gave me my first real taste of entrepreneurship.

But it was learning HTML and CSS to code MySpace sites in middle school that made me fall in love with design.

After graduating from college with a degree in Graphic Design, I decided to take a “big girl job,” even though I still felt a pull at my heart to go at it on my own.

So, one day, after listening to Elizabeth McCravy’s podcast on quitting her big girl job, I quit too.

For a few years, I was building my own design business while working other jobs as a sales associate at Orangetheory Fitness and as a creative director for a design agency.

Those jobs taught me that in addition to being passionate about design and working with people, I also enjoyed being a part of a team.

As I continued to grow my biz, I couldn’t shake how much I loved working with my designer friends and white labeling for them (although I had no idea that that’s what it was called).

Once I realized that collaborating with talented designers was what I did best, I emailed all of my designer friends to tell them I was going to become a white label designer officially.


50 (and Counting)

White-Labeled Design Projects for Amazing Designers

4 days

The Average Amount of Time It Takes For You To Get Your First Draft


The Number of Albums Taylor Swift has Released… and I Own



I’ve seen Taylor in concert 6 times. I’ve grown up alongside her music and even though she’s a few years older, her lyrics always seem to match up with things I’m going through. So, if you want to know the first time she and I met, and a few albums that were the soundtracks to certain parts of my life… help yourself, friend!

the love story starts...

13-year-old me and Taylor hugging at Walmart. I'm still deceased.


It all began in the fall of 2006 with her self-titled debut album—the album that taught me how to play guitar. I was already obsessed so I ended up on her website to see if she had any upcoming shows, and she did—an acoustic show at Walmart. My mom pulled me out of school and took me to see her. I spent two hours after the show waiting to meet her and when I finally did, I told her, “I can play all of your songs on my guitar!” She hugged me a second time, and said, “that’s so awesome!”

My sister and I at Taylor's Speak Now tour in Lexington, KY. We had floor seats in row 13.


Look What You Made Me Do (AKA LWYMMD) was released as a single… at midnight. So, I got in my car, drove over to my boyfriend’s apartment, and made him listen to it with me—on full blast, in my car, while I was CRYING from pure excitement. (I also cried when I got tickets to see her on the Reputation tour… Keenan has a video of it somewhere.)

Keenan and Amy smiling at Taylor Swift 1989 tour

Keenan and I in Lexington, KY for 1989 tour.


In 2019, Lover (an album that didn’t get a lot of love, ironically) came out right when I was starting to come back to the idea of having my own business. In April 2019, I got my Gmail and domain for Calluna Collective even though I didn’t go full-time/quit corporate/start the dang thing until January 2020. The song that definitely should've been a single? “Cruel Summer.”

Keenan and I in Atlanta, GA at the Reputation tour.


Everyone remembers the day Ticketmaster failed Taylor and crashed for so many, causing lost money and crushed souls. I was one of those souls that charged my card 32 times trying to get tickets. My bank freaked out and thankfully, I didn't lose all my money, but I walked away without tickets that fateful pre-sale Tuesday.

As if the fates would have it, I got to see her with 3 of my best friends on opening night in Arizona anyway.

Sweet friends with me at the Eras tour in Swift City, Erazona

Take on twice as many projects? Start having weekly date nights? Finally, get to bake T-Swift’s chai sugar cookies?

When we work together, you’ll have more time than ever before…
…use it however you’d like.

Let's Work Together